Election 2016

I predicted that Trump would win 306 electoral votes, he got 307. I predicted he would win 33 states, he won 32.  How? He spoke truth to the American people and was not a part of the Political Royal Ruling Class.  He has promised to set a place at the table for the minorities suffering in our inner cities, and he made that pledge again during his acceptance speech in the early morning hours of Nov 9th.

The election is over but the Political Establishment remains at war with one another.  The Democrats have vowed to use the filibuster in the Senate to maintain the gridlock. In the meantime the national debt has more than doubled to $20 Trillion in the past 8 years and the country remains fiscally irresponsible.  Pain is forthcoming for sure because we simply cannot levy $20 trillion in debt on future generations.

The Fed could make the fiscal nightmare even worse by raising rates, which would balloon the interest on the national debt to be the largest annual cost in the federal budget.  Lean times are ahead for sure.  We cannot afford the bloated federal government that we have today, and we cannot afford all of the programs, departments and agencies that have utterly failed the nation.  For example, the US has gone from #1 in the world to #17 in education. Every department and agency in the federal government have become political weapons used to attack the opposition (IRS, BLM, DOJ/FBI, EPA and others).  We are all going to have to participate in the forthcoming suffering to ensure that future generations are not burdened with the massive debt and broken programs and agencies that we have today.  This is going to take great leadership, courage and the ability to bring in opposition.

Obama-Care. It’s collapsing as designed. The Democrats assumed that Hillary would have been able to push through Single Payer (the exact opposite effect of the ACA).  The issue is whether or not every American, visitor or those here illegally have a right to quality health care or not.  The answer is simple.  You cannot raise the price of any product or service to 100% and expect costs to decrease.  You cannot implement price controls, which is what Single Payer is, and not significantly decrease the quality and supply of medical care. One only needs to look at Carter’s attempt at gasoline price controls in the 70s to see the impacts of price controls (shortages).  The truth is that we live in an unfair universe.  We simply cannot afford to solve every single problem in the universe through the federal government and especially not health care, housing or education.  I would rather trust tens of thousands of business large and small to provide the goods, services and jobs that America needs than 536 Political Rulers in the Royal Class in Washington D.C.

Corruption.  Draining the Swamp makes a great bumper sticker, but the actual work of doing it is going to be more difficult.  Will the Congress agree to Trump’s proposal of strict term limits and strict restrictions on lobbying and taking donations?  Trump must move, for the sake of Lady Justice and Liberty, to impanel a Special Prosecutor and Grand Jury to look at the alleged criminal activity of the Clinton Foundation pay for play as well, her unlawful and intentional use of a private server to conduct government business and where Top Secret information was discovered, and lastly her lying under oath to Congress. Trump must do this in order to send a message to the Political Elite Royal Ruling Class that We the People will no longer tolerate business as usual.  If he wants, he can pardon her but not before she if found guilty.

Politics of Division.  I am a RACIST. Yes, I said it. I am a racist.  I believe in ONLY the HUMAN RACE.  Your skin pigmentation does not matter to me, only your character. The Democrats have wielded the politics of racial, gender, economic and sexual orientation division successfully against the Republicans for more than 50 years.  This must come to an end.  I support the removal, from all forms and statistics, the requirement to collect this information from the people.  Any and all discrimination should be in the court system and remain illegal across this nation.

Foreign Affairs and our Military.  The GOP Establishment and the Democrats have been taking cash from OPEC Sunni Dictators for decades.  Bush covered up the fact that the Saudis were involved in funding the 9/11 terrorists and Obama, Kerry and Clinton along with McCain, Graham, and other GOP politicians have been calling for a war against Russia/Syria in order to topple Assad. Our military is very weak today and has become a force of social experimentation.  Doing away with Navy ratings and having transgenders serve openly in the military are two things that I believe need to be revisited.  Gays and Lesbians have served in the military for decades.  I served with many good sailors who did not need to push their sexual orientation into the workplace.  These good soldiers and sailors should be allowed to serve in the military.  Yes, I am an old timer too!  All of the Civilian and Military Leaders appointed by Obama need to be purged out.

Loretta Lynch, James Comey and the heads of every department and agency in the federal government need to be purged immediately.  They should never be allowed to be used as political weapons or to hide corruption and criminal activity ever again.  We must restore the people’s faith in the DOJ, FBI, IRS and other departments.

These are my initial post-2016 election thoughts.  Tune in later for an update.







Election 2016 Update 2015-10-13

Election 2016 Update 2015-10-13

The 2016 election cycle may be one that changes the course of two party politics. The Democrats have moved significantly to the left and a large majority of them are either closet communists or socialists.  The Republican Party has fractured!  Ninety-One of the House Republicans are “Conservative”!  These Conservatives are causing the GOP Establishment Big Government Globalist RINO War Hawks a lot of trouble! Those Republicans who side with the conservatives handed Obama two terms in office because they either stayed home or voted their conscience in 2008 and 2012.  John Boehner, The House Crier, is on his way out.  The GOP establishment is going to try and sell us on Paul Ryan (who is no different than Boehner & McConnell on policy).  This will likely not work.  It could be time for true conservatives to leave the party.  As a conservative I am very upset that Rand Paul signed “The Pledge”.  We still have a long way to go before the primary, but I do not think it is going to matter.  The GOP Establishment is standing firm on its commitment to endless wars, big government, and globalization.  The result is going to be another 4, if not 8 years of Democrats controlling the Executive Branch.  I can only assume that the GOP RINOs believe that it is better to have the Democrats in charge than give in to conservatives who believe in smaller government, common sense defense strategies, a balanced budget, fair tax code and less government involvement overall.

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