The 2016 election cycle may be one that changes the course of two party politics. The Democrats have moved significantly to the left and a large majority of them are either closet communists or socialists.  The Republican Party has fractured!  Ninety-One of the House Republicans are “Conservative”!  These Conservatives are causing the GOP Establishment Big Government Globalist RINO War Hawks a lot of trouble! Those Republicans who side with the conservatives handed Obama two terms in office because they either stayed home or voted their conscience in 2008 and 2012.  John Boehner, The House Crier, is on his way out.  The GOP establishment is going to try and sell us on Paul Ryan (who is no different than Boehner & McConnell on policy).  This will likely not work.  It could be time for true conservatives to leave the party.  As a conservative I am very upset that Rand Paul signed “The Pledge”.  We still have a long way to go before the primary, but I do not think it is going to matter.  The GOP Establishment is standing firm on its commitment to endless wars, big government, and globalization.  The result is going to be another 4, if not 8 years of Democrats controlling the Executive Branch.  I can only assume that the GOP RINOs believe that it is better to have the Democrats in charge than give in to conservatives who believe in smaller government, common sense defense strategies, a balanced budget, fair tax code and less government involvement overall.

Links to previous election updates can be found here.


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